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Monday, March 28, 2005

Digital Camera for Iraq

Okay... have an interesting question for anyone who reads this blog. My brother-in-law is heading to Iraq for 6 months. He'll be doing double duty between Baghdad, Iraq and Doha, Qatar. He currently has a Fuji digital camera (with xD format) and his wife and two kids are going to use that to send him pics/short videos of them. He's looking to get a digital camera to take with him for the same purposes... but not sure what would be good, given the environment (sand, scarcity of power, etc).

Any recommendations on a specific model?

Also, is there any particular card format which is better/more durable? (ie SD, Compact Flash, xD, Memoy Stick, etc)?

Would like to make a purchase this week... Please post comments with any info - it's much appreciated.

BTW, about my brother-in-law:

Joined the Air Force out of High School to fulfill his dream of becoming a firefighter. He was stationed at Randolph AFB in San Antonio, Texas (beautiful city, btw), was an airport firefighter, got married and had a beautiful baby girl. Due to force reduction, he was honorably discharged before his committment was up and returned to Missouri where he now works as 911 dispatcher and volunteer firefighter. He's since had another little girl and doing well. After 9/11, he felt like he hadn't fulfilled his desire to serve his country, so he joined the Navy Reserves and is stationed at Scott Air Force base as part of the joint forces U.S. TRANSCOM. We found out in February that he and his unit are being deployed to Qatar & Iraq in April for 6 months. His responsbility will be to make sure that casualties are transported from Iraq to field hospitals in the area and he'll rotate between working in Doha, Qatar and Baghdad, Iraq every few weeks. He won't be "on patrol" with the grunts, although being anywhere in Baghdad certainly isn't safe in my book. His willingness to serve in light of his family situation is extraordinary in my opinion and I applaud him for his committment. I realize that all of those serving have made extraordinary committments to our country, and I applaude them all.

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