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Saturday, March 05, 2005

DailyKossacks at the Gate

It appears that the Kossacks have truly lost what little intelligence they had. Now they're openly calling for smear campaign against Greenspan for his comments in support of Personal Retirement Accounts and Social Security Reform. Not only are they looking for dirt on Greenspan, they're also seeking out dirt on his family and ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH HIM. In one instance, Greenspan was honored by the American Enterprise Institute.... the Kossack that highlighted this also listed other recipients of honors from AEI, suggesting that they should focus on them as well. What in the hell is going through their minds? Are they this dense? (Methinks the answer is Yes.)

Well, Sortapundit (recently added to ARC's blogroll because he referenced our fledgling site on his due to the unbelievable content served up) suggests that we dig into the personal lives of the Kossacks. My gut tells me that this will get ugly... And I'm not sure that this will EVER result in them awakening from their current idiocy, but... what the heck? Sometimes tit for tat is all about the fun of the tit... or something like that.

With regard to Social Security Reform in general, nevermind that my 3 year old recognized that S.S. was doomed when I explained the basic structure of the system... I mean, he dropped his washable crayola marker, looked at me and said "Sosh seckooty... POOOOO POOOOO!!!" Of course, he's recently potty trained and yell POO POOO after almost anything, but I digress. Now, for some reason, those at DailyKos and anyone with a "D" after their name fails to admit this unalterable truth - the current system is unsustainable because it relies on current workers to pay for current retirees lifestyles - instead of relying on current workers to pay for their own future retirement (which has the benefit of compound interest and the return on investment in a continually progressing economny). Only if you think that another Dark Age or nuclear annhiliation is at hand would you disregard the long term returns on private sector investments - but if either of those come to pass, it won't matter whether Social Security is reformed or not.

Well, back to the main point.... The Kossacks are at the gate of asininity... and I say, let's give 'em a push. Let's ENCOURAGE THEM to dig deep into the personal lives of Greenspan, his family, and his colleagues. and smack 'em hard in the nose when we find that one of the DailyKossacks is a closet capitalist with millions of dollars invested RJR...

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