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Friday, March 11, 2005

Condi '08

Must credit Drudge on this one, too...

Rice yesterday pointedly declined to rule out running for president in 2008 on Friday during an hour-long interview with reporters in office of the editor in chief WASHINGTON TIMES, top sources tell DRUDGE. Rice gave her most detailed explanation of a 'mildly pro-choice' stance on abortion, she would not want the government 'forcing its views' on abortion... She explained that she is libertarian on the issue, adding: 'I have been concerned about a government role'... Developing late Friday for Saturday cycles... MORE...

Condoleezza Rice Does Not Rule Out Prez Run 2008; 'Mildly Pro-choice' Stance On Abortion
And you know what this means? Perhaps we'll have Rovian conspiracies for another four eight years!!

Yeah, Condi!!!

Now, what will be really interesting is the way that the MSM will fawn all over Hillary and her "centrist" positions... while attacking Condi as a neocon nutjob.

Now, abortion certainly isn't the only issue that we choose a President on... and her position is probably closer to that of the American people in general (it's terrible, limits are appropriate, outright prohibition isn't the solution, education (ultrasounds pre-procedure) is beneficial, etc.) The key thing we know about a Condi presidency is that it'd be a continuation of the Bush Doctrine and the continuation of the expansion of freedom abroad. HRC would likely be something much different... to say the least.

***Update, 3/12 - Comments from Captain Ed ***

And this transcript from the Washington Times.

***UPDATED, 3/13***
Ugggh... she just said "I will not run" Meet the Left Press with former Cuomo aide Tim Russert. That sucks. Perhaps this is like Kerry's "promise" about Form 180 on Meet the Left Press a couple of weeks ago and there's some "nuance" to the statement? Perhaps it depends on the meaning of "will"?

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