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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

BREAKING ON DU - US is in Decline

According to this DUer.. This is a continuation of this thread (which I got to from LGF).

Here's a passage which is fun to read...

And despite what many here will say to the contrary, the Clinton years did not do much to change this. Much of the economic expansion of the 1990's was due to a technology boom brought on by the internet. While Clinton deserves some credit for better tax policies aimed at slightly reducing the rich v. poor gap, he really did very little to try and substansively change our economy. It continued through the 1990's to be based on short-term speculative finance, with corporate interests constantly trying to squeeze one last drop of productivity out of each individual worker while conducting layoffs in order to focus solely on next quarter's profits. The fact that Clinton's treasury secretary was someone like Bob Rubin (and later Lawrence Summers of Harvard fame currently) should show his administration's economic policies for what they really were.

Now, under Bush the lesser, we've taken these self-destructive policies into hyperdrive. We are running up record budget and trade deficits. We're overstretched militarily, and the primary thing holding our economy together is rampant consumer spending financed primarily through the hogging of the world's investment capital through the IMF and World Bank. The only question that remains is how long it will be before the fall, and how hard that fall will be. It's not like the US will enter some kind of dark age after this fall, but we can expect a 20-25% reduction in living standards across the board. We will diminish from our current status as a global hyperpower to just another major regional player in the greater community of nations.

Europe has realized that the use of military means to extend power and influence is a thing of the past. Real power in the world is wielded economically now. The US is incredibly vulnerable in this regard. Also, if nations want to gain influence in the world today, it is achieved through acting within the community of nations according to international standards, not through endless bullying and sabre-rattling, as the US now does.

Added to this is the lack of critical thought prevalent in America today. We are witnessing the final death throes of the Enlightenment in American society.Whereas people, before the advent of television, actually investigated, read about, and openly discussed a wide variety of issues at one time, that kind of inquiry has been replaced by the passive reception of belief.
  1. Europe has power and influence? HAHAHAHAHAHA In addition to not having military power, they don't have economic power... they're having a tough enough time with their double-digit unemployment and their inability to sustain a working population.
  2. I s'pose that this DUer would think that DU is a place to "investigate, read about, and openly discuss a wide variety of issues at one time." (I might disagree based on some of the "info" provided there, but I won't press the issue.)
This person apparently thinks too much of themselves (and perhaps should turn the critical eye towards themselves and their fellow DUers), as the full post and the subsequent comments demonstrate.

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