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Friday, March 11, 2005

Bloggonetrix - I signed up and so should you!!!

IowaHawk has a great post on his new Blogger consulting service: Bloggonetrix... Since I've only been on for a few weeks, I've signed up! So should you! Just look at the insight he provides:

Welcome, everybody, to the exciting new hi-tech world of internet-based blogging! Did you know that today, over 7 million Americans are writing their own blogs -- and nearly 1.2 million Americans are actually reading them? With mind-boggling numbers like that, no wonder you are thinking about "taking a high dive" into the red-hot blogosphere jacuzzi. But as a multi-month veteran of the "scene," I have too often witnessed the same tragic story -- a naive rookie sets up a blog, posts a few articles, gets stymied by the lack of site hits, and quits in frustration to spend more time with his family. When I developed Bloggonetrix™, I vowed that my system would help prevent another repeat of this senseless heartbreak.

Everyday, I hear the same frustrated questions -- "Dave, why isn't my blog attracting more anonymous strangers?" or "Dave, where is that twenty I loaned you last week?" My answer is always the same -- you didn't plan to fail, you failed to plan. In a rush to hop the gravy train to the blogosphere Klondike, many nascent bloggers forget to prepare properly. Without the proper toolkit, they end up being jolted from the gravy train, roll down a rocky embankment, and end up under a trestle -- cooking soup over a can of Sterno, while the other blog hoboes play mournful tunes on their harmonicas.

Which brings us to lesson #1 in the Bloggonetrix™ system: Always start with the right equipment. Even though blogs come in all shape and sizes and coherences, they all start with the same basic building blocks. The key here is to make sure that you have "all your cows in a row" before you "take the plunge." Here are some of the basic items you'll need:
  1. A computer. When John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry developed the first digital computing machine at Iowa State University in 1937, little did they know that their invention would become an integral part of a sophisticated worldwide cat picture distribution system. Today, you can buy a miniature commercial version of that same machine at local retailers, such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart. If you search around enough, you can find great bargains from independent resellers like Larry, the nervous guy in my neighborhood who has a camper full of gently used computer and car stereo gear. Ask your salesman to help you select the right model, and don't forget to buy a keyboard and monitor, the thingy that looks like a TV set.
read it all for more helpful insights.

I'm using a sure-fire tool for traffic (Chp 32): If hyperblogs won't link to you, send them a trackback! They can delete it, but a few secs is enough!

Now, just have to sit back and wait for the Insta IowaHawk-alanche... or whatever it'd be called. While I wait, I'll go notify my blog ads and update my going rate!

IowaHawk - great job as usual... (assuming you EVER click on that trackback links before you delete it.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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iowahawk said...

"Dear ARC: Thanks to your... trackback system, I... have ... hits. Thanks 'a lot,' you... person."

D.B., Chicago, Illinois