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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


No, this isn't a Gannon/Guckert gay prostitution update... Yes, it's the same phrase employed by Protein Wisdom to make fun of the Kossacks, but this is about actual hypocrisy.

Captain's Quarters Blog has an excellent post regarding McCain's apparent hypocrisy over his connections to Cablevision. Here we see that McCain, who has less than an arm's length relationship with cablevision and echosphere, has lobbied the FCC on their behalf - looks like a quid pro quo from my perch here in the Midwest. This is from the guy who chases down any reporter willing to listen to tell them about how money in politics is corrupting the politicians and whose partnership with Sen Feingold on Campaign Finance Reform has resulted in the contemplation that Blogs such as this should be regulated by the FEC. (BTW, my take on the matter is $*CK the FEC. I'd like to see them go after the blogs...
FEC: "You can't say THAT! That's political speech and THAT'S regulated!"
blogger: "Dude... let go of my mouse and let me get back to making fun of Hillary.")

McCain is a media hog who takes every opportunity to blast republicans b/c he knows that's the best way to get on TV. While I don't like this practice, I'm happier that he's a republican and not a dem. However, when he elevates himself to the protector of democracy because he's willing to legislate the removal of money from politics (*LOL*), he'd better be ready for the MSM/DailyKossack tsunami when it comes out that he got caught with his hand in the till.

[EDIT - I'm a TOOOOOOOL for my inability to posting 3 times to CQB. What a dork. But, hey.. unlike some others, I'm willing to admit my stupidity.]

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