ARC's 1st Law: As a "progressive" online discussion grows longer, the probability of a nefarious reference to Karl Rove approaches one

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Anatomy of a Conspiracy - Lefkow-Hale-GANNON-ROVE-BUSH!!!

Subtitle: How is it that these Lefty's end up spouting some of the strangest theories that have no basis in reality?

Let's take a look at a recent piece of news... the Lefkow murders in Chicago. (This analysis could be done with almost any piece of news, but I was interested to see how this might be tied to Bush and found some Lefties that just couldn't resist the urge.)

This DU post starts out innocent enough, wondering why the word terrorist wasn't used to describe the murders of Judge Lefkow's husband and her mother. Now, the poster wants the terrorist tag to apply to Matthew Hale (who's a scumbag white racist), but they fail to characterize him as I do... they just mention that he's a white Christian (which happens to be a pretty inaccurate description in my opinion). It's like calling Kim Jong Il a Democrat.

Now, seeing as how there hasn't been a reference to GannonGuckerRoveBush yet, this DUer bellies up to the bar and decides to elevate the conversation and enlighten his comrades by throwing this nugget out there. Contains a link to a hilarious dubious source, but b/c it ties EVERYTHING together, it must be true (counter to Occam's razor or the Chinese Adage at the very bottom of this page)

Here's the source, which I won't bother fisking... apparently, Gannon has given Arlen Specter AIDS and is in some super-black op organization. He's also tied to Plame, Abu Ghraib, you name it.

This opens the floodgates and they spiral down the rabbit hole (all too eagerly):

Now, to their credit, some of the posters on this thread kept up a reasonable discussion. However, they didn't counter any of the wild-eyed theories and attacks that were being thrown around - no doubt they were afraid of being called sheeple and getting flamed. Although, this could change given the board is still active.

In light of this and previous posts such as this one, I've formulated two new adages, which are extensions of Godwin's law:
  1. ARC's 1st Law: As a Lefty online discussion grows longer, the probability of a nefarious reference to Karl Rove approaches one.
  2. ARC's 2nd Law: As a Lefty online discussion grows longer, the probability of a nefarious reference to Jeff "JD" GannonGuckertGosch approaches one.

After some careful investigation (folks, I comb through DU just so you don't HAVE to have your intelligence insulted ate every click), I've found clear and convincing evidence that GannonGuckert is connected to the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon as well.

And when presented with evidence from Popular Mechanics about the "inside job" theories, the Left loses it. Frankly, I thought that this was settled on 9/12/01, but was glad to see PM come out with its report. If you google Popular Mechanics 911 Theory, you'll see that the crackpots are still throwing logic to the wind and attacking the magazine.

Truly a sight to behold... At least it's entertaining for me. Just as long as they're never in power.

***UPDATED 2 - MUST CREDIT ARC*** (Seriously, I have to read threw this bile, so please credit me... ;-)

This tolerant DUer is implying that Bush is gay. See responses below it.
Oh, and this idiotic insightful discussion, plus this accusation about GOP Pedophilia

Hunter S. Thompson's death - a "hit" by the Pentaverate/Illuminati/Bush Family Evil Empire/You Name It

***UPDATE 4 ***
I cannot take this anymore... my brain feels like it's a twinkie that's being eyed by the pudgy one (aka OliverWillis)

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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