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Friday, February 25, 2005

Liberal Propaganda

Goebbels would be proud. A link from Eric Blumrich* sent me to a DemocracyWeek Video. They apparently filmed people showing up for the inaugural ball and then "interviewed" a few of them. I use the quotation marks because they CLEARLY are only talking to people who are anti-Bush.

This is the type of dishonesty that the left is known for in these strange times...
DemocracyWeek B.S. Video

Of course, they'll probably say that this is what the wealthy would say, if only they're honest. But, why couldn't they take the time to talk to real supporters and understand exactly why they supported W? I s'pose they realized that their arguments don't stand much chance when challenged and decided to simply manufacture some inaugural guest.

Of course, when the good folks at ProtestWarrior or Brain-Terminal interview the stalinist left at the anti-war marches, they're criticized for talking to people that don't accurate represent the Left. Well, at least they TALKED to the other side.

How nutty.... and shameless...

Your Co-Conspirator,
St Wendeler

* If you want to see some deranged ranting, be sure to visit Eric's site... he and Ward Churchill probably agree on a lot. Whenever I think things are normal, I pop in to his site to wrap myself up in some nice, cozy anti-american screeds.