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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

High-Water Mark for LIBERAL Democrats???

This guy at DailyKos says so

The liberal Democratic ascendancy is here!
by SlackerInc
Tue Feb 22nd, 2005 at 14:56:09 PST

"What is this guy smoking?" you ask yourself. But the more I think about it in historical terms, the more I think this may be a high water mark (so far) for liberal Democrats. This requires, in part, that we scale back our estimation of how well liberal Democrats have done in the past. Consider:

--The last time Democrats controlled the House (1994) it required the support of dozens of conservative Southern "blue dog" Democrats. Now the parties have sorted themselves out much more clearly in ideological terms.

--In the last hundred years only one Democratic candidate has won an "open seat" presidential election (that is, one where there was no incumbent; elections involving incumbents tend, or at least tended, to be referendums on the incumbent's performance). That was JFK in 1960, by an incredibly narrow margin.

That's the bad news, historically speaking, for liberal Dems. The good?

--Al Gore was, arguably, a liberal Democrat (Bill Clinton, not so much). He won the popular vote.

--John Kerry was definitely a liberal Democrat, rivalling George McGovern in terms of progressive voting records. McGovern got blown out; Kerry got more votes than any Democrat ever and came within a hair (or a fix, I really don't know) of winning it all.

--I don't know this, but I'd wager there are more bonafide progressive Democrats in Congress than there ever have been. A careful study of ADA ratings (which I have not undertaken) could shed light on this.

So instead of acting like there is so much Dean has to fix at the DNC, maybe we should take stock of, and pride in, our ascendance, and work to get over the top!

I could swear that I finished them off in 2004! But, of course... he's just one of my suicidal Rovian plants over there.... Looking back and yelling "Follow Me!!" as he steps off the cliff.

Oh, and I could swear that during the campaign, Kerry was a centrist, a moderate... he certainly isn't as liberal as you rightwing fundies make him out to be... I mean, com'on. See him carry this shotgun? If this is what they call success, I guess I'd better wish them continued success!

Your Conspirator - St Wendeler

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triticale said...

Not to mention the fact that the narrow margin by which JFK won the presidency featured a ride on the coattails of Richard J Daley's theft of the Illinois gubernatorial election.

St Wendeler said...

Shhh... Please don't mention the fact that the only Dem in the past 50 years to have a truly successful presidential campaign (unmarked by questions of ballot-box stuffing and 3rd party candidates splitting the vote) was....