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Monday, February 28, 2005

Citizen Journalist talks to "real" Journalist

Brain Terminal (Evan Coyne Maloney) has done a written interview with Dana Milbank of the Washington Post. Apparently in response to an interview that Dana did with Kos.

I just hope that Evan doesn't have a past involving male prostitution, or Aravosis/DailyKos will be all over it. How dare he interview a serious journalist like Dana Milbank!

This interview just proves that the MSM "just doesn't get it." Dana asserts that there's plenty of good diversity currently in the newsrooms. He also doesn't read blogs unless someone sends him a link (I'm sure the links are to DailyKos's GannonGuckert-gate stuff).

His example of how the press has to adjust given the blogosphere?

14. Have you seen any changes in the way that the establishment press operates since the blogs became popular? If so, what changes have you seen?

Seems a lot of stories bubble up that require us either to confirm them or knock them down. This happens on left and right, for example the Kerry mistress story and the Jeff Gannon story.
Hmmm, let's see... his two examples both benefit the left. In a story that would've damaged the Kerry campaign, the MSM was there to "knock it down." In the Gannon story, they're there to "confirm." No mention of RatherGate, SBVT, Eason, etc, etc. What a tool...

and Evan writes a nice post mortem, a highlight of which is:
Perhaps there's much more that the blogosphere can learn from the establishment press than vice versa. But if there is one thing that the old media can learn from us, it's this: objective reporting, as it is known today, is dead. It's been dead for a long time, it's just getting harder to ignore the stench. The future lies in open source reporting, where we reveal as much of our thinking as we possibly can, and we let the world judge us on the merits of our claims.
Kudos, Evan Coyne Maloney!

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