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Friday, February 25, 2005

"Chief White Man" & "Chief CopyCat" are same person!

H/T Michelle Malkin... and all those that she links to!

She has a great roundup of links regarding what appear to be Ward Churchill art pieces that are mirror images of existing works of art. Apparently, this guy is a fraud in three ways:

  1. Anti-American/Anti-Capitalist while enjoying the freedom and salary that America and capitalism provides
  2. He gets a job as the Ethnic Studies professor and becomes the CHAIRPERSON because he's a Native American, but is found to be more of a honky than I am
  3. Claims to be a Native American artist, but simply uses a mirror to switch around the images of actual, respected art and hopes no one will notice.
Ahh, the Left really has some winners out there...

Question: What has taken CU SO LONG TO FIRE THIS GUY? There are multiple instances of this guy breaking ethical rules and university policy.