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Monday, February 28, 2005

Amazon Prime

Sounds like a cartoon character, right?

Saw this on Insty... I've seen the Amazon Prime offer over the past few weeks (months?), but I always thought, "well, I don't order that much from Amazon (a few purchases a year) and if I do, it's always over the Free Shipping amount." Amazon's Free SuperSaver Shipping amount is pegged at $25/order.

However, since I don't normally think of buying items such as what Glenn refers to (low dollar), perhaps I would use Amazon more often for items like this and forego the trip to WalMart/Target/Costco. Question is... would I really order an amount < than $25? and is 2nd day shipping really necessary for most items you're going to buy online? Or can you wait for 3-5 days?

Anyone thought of joining Amazon Prime? When phrased that way, sounds a little too cultish(?).