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Monday, February 28, 2005

Al Qaqaa - or NYTimes as Kerry Campaign Hit Squad

Byron York does a great job on NRO in bringing back to life a subject that seemed to get soo much ink in the final days of the campaign, but which has sense evaporated into the ether. Al Qaqaa put the Bush campaign on its heels and could've been a deathblow, had the Kerry campaign not been so inept. Their criticisms weren't focused, the actual facts on the ground were difficult to assess, and (oh) the blogosphere fisked every report about the subject with plausible refutations.

Byron points out that (interestingly), there have been ZERO substantial Al Qaqaa stories since November 2nd, while there were at least 2 per day in pre-Nov 2. This is especially troubling when you compare this news to the news of the Swift Vets and the NYTimes unwillingness to cover the allegations - that is until they strapped on their superhero "D" (for Democrat) outfit, complete with red cape and decided to attack the Swifties. Readers who hadn't paid attention to the blogs probably were wondering why the paper was criticizing a group that they'd never heard about.

Imagine what the result might've been without the late hit by the NYTimes...

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